The Top 5 3D Printing Gadgets

The Top 5 3D Printing Gadgets

Mosaic Manufacturing – Keep your 3D printer and expand its potential. The Palette lets your 3D printer create an entirely new range of items!

Tiko 3D – The unibody 3D printer.

Voltera – The Voltera V-One enables circuit boards to be prototyped within minutes, eliminating the frustrations with traditional fabrication processes and drastically reducing hardware development time.

Retouch 3D – The world’s first heated tool to finish 3D prints; with variable heat and interchangeable heads; designed for specific 3D retouching tasks.

ReDeTec – The first complete desktop filament re-cycler, featuring fully integrated grinding and spooling. Create 3D printing filament sustainably, on demand, for free.



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