3D Printed Pizza – Why Wait for Delivery

3D Printed Pizza – Why Wait for Delivery

Why wait for delivery when you can 3D Print your own food? Actually this technology really helps in remote areas of the world, and remote places such as space, ships, oil rigs, refineries and other places where bringing raw materials and printing food to specifications makes the most sense. Let’s see what kind of 3D Printing Start Ups enter the food industry!



[…] The ability to efficiently create meat, or something sufficiently meat-like, will become progressively more important in coming years because humanity may be reaching a point when there’s not enough animal protein to go around. The United Nations expects the global population to grow from the current 7.2 billion to 9.6 billion by 2050. Also, as countries such as China and India continue to develop, their populations are adopting more Western diets. Worldwide the amount of meat eaten per person nearly doubled from 1961 to 2007, and the UN projects it will double again by 2050. This means that there are more and more “meat markets” growing and gaining momentum. Who will satisfy the desires for the product? There is indeed a lot of hype about 3D Printed Food […]

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