Brush Your Teeth in Six Seconds (for $300)

Brush Your Teeth in Six Seconds (for $300)

A new 3D-printed toothbrush called Blizzident looks like “a mouthguard with 600 bristles” and thoroughly cleans teeth in about six seconds. It lasts a year, in contrast with regular toothbrushes that last three months in.

To get one of these babies for yourself, you must first have your dentist make a 3D impression of your mouth. After that, a customized Blizzident can be printed, made just for you! “You bite down into the 3D impression of your mouth and grind your teeth on the bristles, which cleans all of your teeth simultaneously.” The makers compare using the Blizzident to biting into an apple.

The video below illustrates the process.

Never has brushing your teeth been so cool…



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Lucky Balaraman says:

Fascinating!! Hopefully the price will come down in the near future.

Lucky Balaraman
3D Modelling Specialists

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