Find and 3D Print Great Products at Layer By Layer

Find and 3D Print Great Products at Layer By Layer

The 3D printing industry is exploding right now, so every day is challenging and new. We get to work with talented designers who create things that, a year ago, we couldn’t have imagined making on personal 3D printers.

The Layer By Layer Marketplace provides users with a central platform where they can easily find and 3D print great products.

If non-technical people (as well as technical people) are ever going buy personal 3D printers, the process must become much more simple, intuitive, and enjoyable. Read More: Why the 3D Printing Experience Needs to Change

Here’s how it works:

3D Printing Marketplace

One. Browse or search Layer By Layer for the product you want.
Two. Choose the product by clicking “Print now!”
Three. Print it out!



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