Stratasys At Detroit Rapid Expo Show, June 2014

Stratasys 3D Experience

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Stratasys is a world leader in 3D printing — and its biggest fan.

Stratasys creates the systems, materials and communities that make 3D printing essential for manufacturers, empowering for designers and educators, and inspiring for makers.


World’s First Color Multi-Material 3D Printer by Stratasys

Stratasys manufactures 3D printing equipment and materials that create physical objects directly from digital data. Its systems range from affordable desktop 3D printers to large, advanced 3D production systems, making 3D printing more accessible than ever.

All Stratasys 3D Printers build parts layer-by-layer. FDM Technology (Fused Deposition Modeling), known for its reliability and durable parts, extrudes fine lines of molten thermoplastic, which solidify as they are deposited.

PolyJet Technology, known for its smooth, detailed surfaces and ability to combine multiple materials in one part, employs an inkjet-style method to build parts from liquid photopolymers in fine droplets immediately cured with ultraviolet light.

SCP Technology (Smooth Curvature Printing) produces finely detailed models for lost-wax casting and mold-making.

The Stratasys portfolio of specially engineered 3D printing materials is the most comprehensive in the industry. It includes nearly 150 PolyJet photopolymers and FDM thermoplastics.

MakerBot, a subsidiary of Stratasys since 2013, manufactures the company’s prosumer desktop 3D printers in Brooklyn, New York. It maintains the Thingiverse design-sharing community and facilitates a wide network of user groups.

Stratasys also manufactures SolidScape 3D Printers and operates RedEye On Demand digital manufacturing service.


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