10 Houses 3D-Printed In 24 Hours

10 Houses 3D-Printed In 24 Hours

We have already had a few articles about the possibility and actual use of 3d-printing in terms of constructing houses. The Dutch made the Kamermaker 3d-printer to print giant blocks to make a house fitting to the iconic architecture of Amsterdam. There was a Ted talk about the use of 3d-printing to make housing in low income areas in less than 20 hours using giant printers.

As it turns out, the Chinese have blown the predictions from Ted talk out of the water. One house in 20 hours? Try ten in 24. The WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. was able to assemble a massive 3d-printer measuring 500 feet long, 33 feet wide, and 20 feet tall then print 10 entire houses in 24 hours. Using completely recycled materials, the cost to produce these houses comes out to roughly $4800. The majority of the material used as the substrate comes from industrial waste. In fact, the CEO, Ma Yihe, now plans on on establishing 100 recycling factories throughout China to keep the company supplied with printing substrate.




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