3D Printed Golf Balls: Printing Golf Balls On Demand

3D Printed Golf Balls: Printing Golf Balls On Demand

As the 2013 golf season is coming to a close for some of us, we look back at the 2013 season and think about the amount of time, money, and effort spent this season out on the course. One might look back on those beautiful, mid summer afternoons and reminisce on the good rounds, the bad ones, and the ugly ones.

Those not so pretty rounds often bring back thoughts of frustration, anger, and a lot of lost golf balls. (Lost golf balls = $$$ thrown into the pond, woods, or other hard to reach areas).

Imagine if you could go home after those bad rounds and print out as many golf balls as you may need for your next round, without spending a fortune at the nearest Pro Shop. That idea could soon become a reality thanks to the people at 3D Print Life.

Sick of being these guys?? Just 3D print another one and keep moving.
Lost Golf Ball



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