3D Printing and Substance Abuse

3D Printing and Substance Abuse

3D Printing RX – Ease of Accessibility and Substance Abuse

One of the greatest contributing factors to the rise of prescription drug abuse is the ease of accessibility. Prescription drugs have become readily available in most households, and as a result prescription drug addiction has exploded in recent years. The increased availability of 3D printers raises similar concerns. Increased accessibility to 3D printers opens a door to even more chemical compounds without many of the associated risks…



The pharmacy of the future? Personalized pills, 3D printed at home


Students design 3-D-printed device to fight opioid crisis

A group of Kentucky middle-schoolers have won a prestigious award for developing an ingenious device that lets first-responders safely collect hazardous needles left behind by opioid and other drug users…



Diving Deep into Recovery Work

The recovery program at Voyage Recovery is built upon two big ideas: an innovative experiential program and an engaging therapeutic program…

The Voyage Recovery residence houses just 15 men in a beautiful three-story waterfront house that meshes quiet areas with common areas, and provides a bridge to our natural environment. Guys can swim, fish and launch paddle boards or kayaks off the end of our dock. The guys all participate in keeping the house clean and preparing their own meals (sometimes even catching their own dinner!) It’s a place where we help young men launch their lives as clean and sober guys contributing to their community in a meaningful way…




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