3D Printing Funded on Shark Tank

3D Printing Funded on Shark Tank

Keri and Alesia enter seeking $100,000 for 10% of the business. They show some samples and how their software works, then they hand out samples of each Shark as a superhero. The Sharks love them! They tell the Sharks about how they learned about 3D modeling and marketing. They are not at market yet. It’s costs $15 for one model and they sell for $60. Each 3D printer can produce 100 heads per day. New printers cost $45K, but they own two used printers they bought for $20K each.
There are other personalized action figure businesses, doing a small amount of sales. Their best customers are aged 30-45 years old. Robert thinks it’s clever, Mr. Wonderful wants to know if it’s proprietary. The 3D printing software they developed is patent pending.



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