3D Printing Video Footage – 3D Print Show 2013

3D Printing Video Footage – 3D Print Show 2013

The 3D Printshow features stand as an access point for those who have never come across the products of 3D print technology before.
– Fashion: 3D Printshow: 3-day Fashion House exhibition showing pieces made via 3D print technology
– Arts: Adobe are sponsoring our Art Gallery this year, which promises to exhibit a stunning collection of thought-provoking work

Other features also include:
– Product Design
– Architecture
– Planet Earth
– Space
– Medical
In addition to our features, a full show floor of 3D print exhibitors will be explaining and presenting their products and services – spanning from full body scanning and printing to desktop, industrial and commercial 3D printers.

A packed schedule of workshops and seminars will be running throughout the day, offering talks from senior company founders and CEOs as well as smaller artistic/design project processes.
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