3D-Printing with Product GoGo

3D-Printing with Product GoGo

The great thing about 3d-printing is that it enables many people to finally prototype that invention they have had in their head for so long with minimal cost. The first time I heard about 3d-printing was when I was in the process of trying to prototype my own invention, a magnetic generator. That’s when I stumbled upon B.St Design, now Product GoGo as of April 2013.

I had the opportunity to sit down with the owner, Blake, of Product GoGo for an interview. Blake graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in industrial design. Like most entrepreneurs, the thought of slowly rotting away in cubicle was simply not an option for his career. When he started his company in 2009, the primary focus for business was on sub-contracting projects from innovators with start-up invention ideas. His team brought solid design experience and knowledge to help the inventor pinpoint exactly what was needed for his or her invention. From their beginning in 2009 to the present, they have seen a large increase in the amount of prototypes to be 3d-printed as more people have gained knowledge about his business and the technology possible.

This company has found success in not only sub-contracting inventions, but also by taking stake in the new businesses they work with and by designing their own inventions and products. Just in this first quarter of 2014, Product GoGo has already surpassed the number of products developed and shipped in all of 2013, indicative of their growing presence and the growth in the 3d-printing industry in general. With the growing success of this company, it is now starting to sponsor events and put together a serious marketing fund.

If you have an idea for an invention but don’t have the knowledge or resources to make it a reality, I strongly recommend you contact Blake at Product GoGo. His team works in the design district of Denver, Colorado, and his team will be able to put your idea onto paper, into a CAD drawing, and get it 3d-printed, FAST. They also specialize in product packaging and moving into mass production once your prototype has successfully been developed.

With their own 3d-printer on the way, you can expect even quicker and cost-friendly solutions for your designs and prototypes. You can check out some of their newest projects and past projects they have worked on in their portfolio.



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