Range of 3D Printing Metals Growing

Range of 3D Printing Metals Growing

Printing with liquid metal is nothing new, but now there are more 3D printable metals being added into the mix.

“3D printer supplier ExOne has added iron infiltrated with bronze, and bonded tungsten” to its list of usable materials with one of its 3D printer product lines.

Currently, the available materials are “silica sand, ceramic sand, stainless steel, glass, copper, iron, and tungsten.” ExOne plans “to make at least one new material class available every six months,” and they’re working on making “alumina, silicon carbide, chromite, titanium, graphite, zirconia, inconel, aluminum, tool steel, and magnesium” available, as well.

Soon enough, people will be printing out chewing gum and houses – all in a day’s work.



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