Robohands for Everyone

Robohands for Everyone

Ivan Owen and Richard Van As have been steadily producing more and more Robohands, now at over 170 people helped, since they created its design in 2011.

At first, the hand was a conglomeration of cables, screws, and metal. Now, much of its production has been replaced with more efficient and more contemporary 3D printing technology. The Robohand design can be custom-tailored for the user, meaning it can be used by someone of any age on either side. The digits are now 3D-printed with plastic material and can be easily replaced in case of accident.

After creating a hand for Van As himself, the objective was to help children born without limbs because of Amniotic Band Syndrome. They put the design online to give free access to anyone and everyone.

This is an update on a story from June 24th, 2013.



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